Thursday, May 30, 2013

Whit's Victory Coffee

I recently came upon a really cool company that is helping stop slavery! They graciously answered my questions so that I might share them with you and spread the word.
Here is their story..

Who started/founded the Whit's Victory Coffee?
Whit's was created by a baristas at an independent coffee shop here in Mariette,G, called the Daily Grind.

Why? and when did it start?
A couple of years ago we learned about human trafficking in America and we were horrifed. We began visiting some local organizations who were confronting the issue(everything from womens shelters to the local police) and they all told us the same thing..they needed funding.  There are a lot of organizations working against trafficking, but most of them are dependent on donations and /or government grants; both of which are unsteady and unpredictable.

So we decided to try to raise money with what we had, coffee. We re-branded all of our coffee as Whit's Victory Coffee and began donating $1 for every bag to the cause. The local response was overwhelming. People were eager to contribute to the cause and they loved the coffee!

With such a great local response we decided to try to take it nationwide.  Just a couple of months ago we launched which ships coffee and other merchandise anywhere in the continental U.S.  As of today, we have sales in 25 states and well over 3,000 followers on instagram, facebook,and twitter. 

Some Stats on coffee?
3 billion lbs of coffee are consumed in the U.S each year. If 1% of that was Whit's Victory Coffee we would raise 30 million for the fight against modern day slavery every year!

Slavery is a horrifying reality worldwide and here in America. It is unbelievable to us that in such a wealthy country, existing organizations don't have enough funding to rescue people out of the slave trade. We believe that if we offer a quality product that contributes money to a cause, enough people will decide to drink Victory and will enable us to contribute substantial funding to the cause on a continual basis.

Thank you Kevin Sellors from Whit's Victory Coffee for taking the time to share with us another way we can help end slavery!

I am giving away one of Whit's Victory coffee mugs to any of you coffee lovers out there! All you have to do it tweet: "check out what @whitsVictory is doing to end slavery!" and tag my twitter so I can see it @rafferty82.  Let's end slavery together and help support companies that are making a difference!

*This was not a sponsored post