Friday, December 10, 2010


Peyton is in afternoon Kindergarten so sometime she has play dates with friends in the morning and today was one of those days. Peyton has a few special friends that she talks about all of the time and Emma is one of those friends!:) Peyton has been dying to have her over to play and each week I said sure and would forget to organize it! I know, I know I should win mother of the year! Ha! ;) So, I texted her mom Robyn last night to see if at the last minute Emma could come over this morning and to our luck she was free! So, I took my other two to preschool this morning and went to pick Emma up to come over to play and have lunch. Since they had the whole house to themselves with no "little" people bothering them they played upstairs and ran all around.:) I think it is safe to say they enjoy each others company!
I love that my kids have such good buddies and I am friends with all of their moms too! We are SO blessed to have such awesome friends from church that we can get together with on a weekly basis! Friends make life a true JOY! I really enjoy life more when I have good friends to share my time with!:)
I  hope my kids keep the friends they have growing up and continue those friendships into adulthood...that would be great huh?!
                                                              Emma, Peyton
                                                              Silly girls

Mike's parents are taking the kids his weekend so that we have some time to get more shopping done! Hopefully we can knock it all out....I love this time of year!
Much love~Lauren