Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just Dance!!!!

  So, we may be WAY behind, but we just found the greatest thing EVAAA! "Just Dance" for the Wii game system! We got it for Christmas and hadn't played it yet so we took it over to my sister Carey's place and got the kids hooked!I think all the adults are hooked too!;) Carey and I were laughing SO hard we were crying watching the kids try to keep up with the dance moves they are suppose to mimic. The more you mimic the dancer on the screen the more points you get..the sensor in the Wii remote you hold picks up your movements. SO FUN!!;)

Peyton helping cousin Hollyn get the timing right!
                                          Go Holls, Go Holls
 Marin taking it all in...what a crusty face BEAUTY! HA!;)
                                         All the kids dancing at the same time, even without the remote!
                                          I couldn't help..she is too cute! I remember this stage..messy clothes, messy                   hair, messy face.. I think it's impossible to keep an almost two year clean!
                                          Taking a break!
                                         Yeah.. thats' what's up...I will show'em all how it's done! HA!

It was a great way to spend a snow day and burn off some energy! If you haven't heard of 'just Dance" you gotta check it out, it's loads of fun!;)

Trying to pass another snow day....:)

Much love~ Lauren