Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lazy Saturday and rough days..

Today we didn't do a whole lot, but it was nice! My in-laws came to visit and our friend Josh came over for the day! Mike's parents let Mike, Josh and I out for a bit and we saw the movie "The Green Lantern"; while we were gone they played games with the kids and hung out.:) Then before Josh had to leave we baked him our new favorite cookies!! Sugar cookies from the Pioneer Woman's cookbook! If you have not tried...oh my you have to get busy and whip up a batch and are missing out!!!;)

 Cameron my helper this time!
 Licking the beater! Brings back memories of helping my Grandma;)
 The BEST sugar cookie recipe EVVVAA!
 Going a little crazzy.
 My sweet boy.

Earlier this week was a little rough... one of the kids stepped on my glasses and broke them.:( But, that wasn't all....
 I, yes..I stepped on my phone and broke it in two!! AHHH!!
It was time for me to get my eyes checked anyhow, but glasses are SO pricey!:( I am really bummed about this one, 'cause if you wear glasses you know how expensive they are and you can feel my pain...
The phone on the other hand is no big deal really..Mike and I both had the iphone ( which we LOVED), but we decided to save some mula and get cheap phones (yes it was painful letting go! ha!) ..So, the phone was old and refurbished(used) and it wasn't in the budget to get another one. So, some wonderful friends came to my rescue and gave me a phone they were no longer using! Whoohoo!:) I am (secretly) hoping I will be reunited with the iphone next spring..hehe..we shall see.
Well, that about wraps up my week in a nutshell! Ha. Here's looking forward to spring and some sunshine..stay warm!

Much love~ Lauren