Saturday, January 1, 2011


Last night we went to a family friendly parrrttyy! We had a blast laughing, eating and hanging out and our kids had just as much fun with their buddies! I took cake balls for dessert since it was Cam's b-day and I thought  all the kids would probably like them. It was my first time making them.. and the end result didn't look too bad, but boy was it a mess making them! I need to find an easier way of doing it or those wont be made very often! ha!  
 Peyton is always willing to help when it goes to baking ;)
 This is what the cake balls are suppose to look like....
 Here are mine...not too shabby..they were yummy!
 We sang happy birthday to Cami..again ;)


 Noise makers.....the neighborhood dogs were going nuts and so was I!HA! 
 Sparkling grape juice to ring in the new 9 o'clock ;)

 Then if that wasn't enough we had fireworks too! And a few stray ones ended up on the neighbors front door and in the garage! Oops!Made for an interesting night!
 Somebody had a cupcake!
 ALL sugared up!

Looks like they are having a little too much fun! Just kidding it was all G rated! :)

We had a great time and the kids were pooped and so was I after making those cake balls! ha!

Much love ~ Lauren