Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Family, birthdays and ice cream

We have had a busy few weeks recently! My Aunt Joanie, uncle Tom,  and cousins Brian and Jenny came for a visit from Canada! As a side note..I am from Canada, the great city of Toronto, and all of my family still lives there except for my parents and they live in Louisville, Ky. So we had fun hanging out with them and the kids had fun hanging and climbing all over Brian like monkeys, I think he felt the love though! ha!
 We also celebrated little Carson's 3rd birthday and my hubby's b-day as well as my dad's! We love seeing our family and spending time together and there is always a birthday to celebrate! There is nothing like family...I feel blessed to have a family that takes care of each other!  We have a lot of fun just hanging out and picking on one another and that doesn't seem to change as we have gotten older !;)
 Total change of subject but we live right down the street from an awesome little ice cream place that does cute sundaes for the kids. They make  monsters, elephants, cats, name it they will find out some way to make an animal on your kids ice cream. And it a daily thing to hear my kids ask in the summer if they can have some, so off we go down the street to eat some. I think they will have fun memories of doing that and going to the parks right by our house. Oh, to be a kid again... only thinking about when you can get your next ice cream or going to the park...
So here is a look at  what we have been up to.....

And I will be posting Sunday about a special little boy turning 5!!! Have  a great weekend!

Much love- Lauren