Friday, June 17, 2011

A new family member... and MAD camp

  I wont keep you hanging! Our newest of the family is...... a hamster!!!! ha! Nolan turns 5 on Sunday and he asked Mike and I for a hamster! It didn't take too much convincing from a sweet little boy! ha! We are suckers I know... But to see the smile on his face was well worth it! We have friends with hamsters, so Nolan has been asking for awhile now and it is a pretty low care animal so I was fine with it. Nolan decided on the name Leonardo, after his favorite ninja turtle!  We went to our local PetSmart  to check them out and we picked a Russian Dwarf hamster. Apparently they are the calmest out of all hamster breeds, so thats what we went for.:)  PetSmart is one of my kids favorite stores to go to see all the animals and we go sometimes just to wander around and pass time. ;)

                           just look at this cheesy smile! ha! Is he happy or what?!

                                       Leonardo! Isn't he cute?

                                Calling Mamaw and Papaw to share the details!

                                   The girls were equally excited about Leonardo :)

On a different note, Peyton went to a camp at our church this week called "MAD camp",the MAD stands for music, arts and drama. Boy, did she have fun! This camp was right up her alley! She LOVES arts, crafts, music and she doesn't run short on drama! Ha! Thank you so much to everyone who made this week possible!!! Today was the closing event and all the kids got together and sang songs for the parents, so here are a few pictures of that. We are so blessed to be a part of a church that puts a lot of emphasis on children and their families!

                                Peyton is in the middle to the right of the boy in the red shirt.
                                 I am not certain, but I believe there were around 730 kids  that came!

I need to dig up pictures of Nolan through the years and post them Sunday! My little guy isn't so little anymore.:(

Much love~ Lauren