Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Radiant Cosmetics
Beauty with a Purpose
"Set captives free, one lipstick at a time"

Radiant Cosmetics is a makeup company founded on the desire to end human trafficking.

Nicole Marett is the owner and founder of Radiant and she was gracious enough to tell me where her story with fighting slavery began.

L: Where did it all begin for you and Radiant?

N: I grew up attending church, then in my teenage years I began pursuing things other than the Lord and found myself incredibly lost. I went away to college and started understanding who God was, His redeeming love and I knew I truly wanted to follow Him. During college, I pursued a life long dream of becoming a beauty editor  at a fashion magazine with a journalism degree. I moved to New York and began working in the industry, only to find myself unfulfilled.  It was then that God told me to go on a mission trip overseas on "The World Race,"which was not in my plans, but I went. It was there that I stumbled upon human trafficking for the first time. I spent my ninth month on "The Race" in the Red Light District of Thailand, where brothels, bars, and stripclubs are filled with trafficked women. It was there that I fell in love with this type of ministry.

L: When did you feel you could contribute to the fight against Slavery?

N: I returned home and a few months later discovered trafficking in my own backyard.  God began to give me visions of combining my love of makeup and my heart to see trafficking end. It wasnt some far off problem people couldn't really understand, it was happening in our own community. I knew I had to start Radiant and work toward change.

L: When did your love of makeup start?

N: It started at a young age, I remember pouring over magazines and the pictures of women in makeup from a young age. I'd sneak into my mom's makeup drawer and play for hours. I often remember feeling lost as to how my faith and love of makeup fit together and was always told I shouldn't be into something so materialistic. My favorite part is how God can use you in an industry, that is seemingly self absorbed to be a light and force for change.

L: What are your favorite makeup products from the radiant line?

N: Hands down our gel eyeliners and eye shadows. I love focusing on eyes and the possibilities are endless! I also love lipstick for days I dont have time for lots of eye shadow.

L: What profits from Radiant go to help end Human trafficking and where do they go?

N: We donate 20 percent of profits from each purchase to Redeemed Ministries, our partner organization. Profits go towards outreach, aftercare and advocacy efforts. Additionally, I  am also physically involved with Redeemed, and after some time supporting Redeemed through Radiant, I came on board part time to serve as the Director of Field ministry.  Worldwide women make up about 80% of slavery victims. The beauty industry is made up of millions of women. It's a highly untapped resource and my heart is to empower women to move and be key players in ending slavery!

Thanks Nicole!

Radiant Cosmetics

~They have free shipping on orders over $30! Thats a deal! Think of all the money you spend on mascara, lipgloss a year.. and if you purchase it from Radiant cosmetics 20 percent of your purchase goes towards fighting slavery! I can personally say I LOVE the lipstick color in "Strawberry Fields," as shown above in the pictures. I have the the gel eyeliner in black as well and love it! Go check out the website and see what they have to offer and help put an end to slavery.

50% of slaves today are children, it's time to take a stand!
child slaves

*This is not a sponsored post, all products were purchased by me.