Monday, April 22, 2013


When Spring is here we love to get out in the fresh air and go on treasure hunts, aka Geocaching. If you have a iPhone you can download the geocaching app in the app store, it is $9.99 geocache, but worth every penny for the family fun you will have over and over again!

 A few tips: 
~ You can select the difficulty setting on the app, if you are going with children you might select a less difficult terrain. 
~ Make sure your iPhone is fully charged before leaving, you may be gone for a few hours depending on how many Geocaches you try to find at a time and you dont want to be lost in the woods without your GPS!
~Be aware of your surroundings and dress appropriately!
~Bring a bottled water or two with you, even more so if you have little people accompanying you.
~Have kids bring little toys or candy with them, if you find a larger tin you may take home the treasures inside, as long as you replace them for the next treasure hunter!

 Break in those walking shoes and enjoy the great outdoors!