Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sweet Treats

Ice cream cupcake

 I found this recipe while I was browsing Pinterest and decided to try it! To combine two things my kiddos love, ice cream and cupcakes, sounds good to me! I changed the recipe to fit what we had and what I wanted to use.

What you need:

~ a cake mix, I chose Funfetti since we already had this one at home, ANY cake mix will do and I mean any! I was just thinking about the Red Velvet mix I have that would work as well, sounds good huh?! So, go ahead and make the cake by the directions on the box. Pour cake batter just in the bottom of the cupcake liner, you dont want to fill it up, and bake it,remember that batter raises as it bakes! ;)

~ cupcake liners

~  ice cream or frozen yogurt, any type is fine, get creative and pick a fun flavor that goes well with the taste of the cake you chose! :) You are going to put the ice cream on top of the cooked cupcake after it has cooled. Then put the whole tray in the freezer until you are ready to serve.

~whipped cream, to top off the cupcake! You can make a whipped cream frosting to sweeten things up a bit or just use whipped cream from the tub. Let's be honest, sometimes you dont have the time to make things from scratch and use the box, or in this case the tub version, Plus the added sugar on a school night for dessert... well you catch my drift. ;)

~ Last but not least, SPRINKLES! Especially when making dessert for the little people in our lives, sprinkles make everything better! :)

I would make this dessert again, it was a hit! Next time I would try a different flavor of cake and ice cream, just for fun!

Happy baking!!