Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Cameron/ New Years!


Today was my baby's 3rd b-day! Cameron is our baby girl,well not anymore:( I can't believe she has been around for three years already! Awww my sweet Campa, Camalama, Cami, Campster,Camalama dingdong! ha! She is the baby that makes me want more babies!!;) Cam, you are bashful, sweet, cuddly, fun-loving, giggly,kind and always thinking of others! You are such a joy to be around and I love kissing your soft sweet chubby little cheekas!

Cam woke up bright an early, opened presents and ate a donut cake!

Then we went to get her ears pierced and yes this was totally her idea!
 I think I am ready.....
 I am not so sure about this....
 oh man that hurt! She cried for a minute, got a sucker and was excited about her earrings!
It was a fun day and a sad day for me... I love to see her grow up and experience new things, but I am sad as well that time goes so quickly. Birthdays always remind me to take in the short time I have with my kids, they don't stay little for long!

Here is a look at my Campy over the years...
                                                             Sweet girl!
                                                    I can still smell that "baby" smell...
                                                                     My littles

Cameron was such a sweet baby and is a very sweet little girl! We LOVE you Cameron Ashleigh!!!! Happy Birthday baby girl!!

Much love~ Mommy