Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Cookies

One of my favorite past times around Christmas is baking Shortbread cookies! Shortbread is my favorite cookie by far, maybe because I like the taste, and maybe it's all the memories I have of making it with my Grandma! Not everyone is a fan of Shortbread and that's ok... if you have never had it, it's an english cookie made from butter, sugar, flour and some vanilla. It doesn't have much of a taste, if anything  it is likened to a butter cookie? So, for the past few years I have started making them with my kids and their favorite part is decorating them! Here is a look at my kiddos and their cousins decorating their yummy shortbread cookies!

                                                              Peyton and Hollyn
                                    Marin eating more of the icing then she is putting on the cookie! ha!

                                      Nolan's proud creation  and no I  didn't have to bribe him for this picture! ;)
                                                               Looks good Holls!
                                                      Peyton's Christmas Star!
                                                             ha! My little Campa!
                         Look at juicy Marin sneaking some candies! I could just gobble her up!

I love that my kids are making some of the same memories that I made as a child. I really can not believe Christmas is just a few days away, it really snuck up on me this year! Happy last minute shopping and baking!

Much love~ lauren