Sunday, December 19, 2010

CrAzY week!

I know I haven't post for a week! This past week was a nutty one for sure! We were super busy and i was beat and didn't have the energy to update, but i am back in action so watch out! ha!:) So here is a look at our snow here in Ohio and what we did to occupy our time!
While the roads looked like this...

 We went sledding in our backyard!
HA! Someone looks at little cold and grumpy! ;)

We only lasted a  little while the temperatures were in the teens..that is "your face hurts kinda cold", ya know? But the kiddos had fun and Mike and I did too. I confess i screamed the whole way down the hill....what? It's a pretty big hill and when you get going fast..well..I am sure you can picture it..face full of snow when we reached the bottom. HA!

Hope you guys are staying warm!

Much love~ Lauren