Thursday, December 30, 2010


I am finally getting around to posting Christmas pics!  Yay! We have been SO busy that I am just now recovering! HA! Where to start??
One of my sisters has her birthday on Dec. 23rd, yes, I know..lucky her ;) So, we made our way to Louisville, Kentucky to my parents house to celebrate Alex's  birthday. Then we celebrated Christmas with the whole fam on Christmas Eve and it was a blast! The kids had so much fun with their cousins and all of the goodies they got! My mom is the best cook I know, which means we have lots of yummy food to eat all day! We just enjoying hanging out together, drinking tea and coffee and breaking up the occasional wrestling match the boys (little boys) get into.;)ha! It is literally like a zoo when we all get together at my parents.. there are not only 7 grandkids, but the oldest is 6 and the youngest 2! So, having a bunch of "toddler type" kiddos running around screaming, laughing, fighting, wrestling, giggling, it makes for an interesting time! We are SO blessed!

                                                               Alex and Hollyn
                                                               Mom and Marin
                                               The tree and the two littles that woke up first ;)
                                      Carson, Nolan, Brennan, and Peyton snuck into the shot ;)
                                                      Hollyn, Marin, Cameron and Peyton

                                                                   Dad and Carson

                                                    Dave and Mom getting the food ready!
It was a great couple of days with my family and then we turned around and did it all over again with Mike's family!
                           We raced home and started cooking and baking for Christmas day!
                                     Yummy pecan scones.. and they turned out really well!;)
                                                                        Santa came!!
                                             Yes, Santa was here,he left crumbs to prove it! ;)

                                                   Santa brought a cotton candy maker

                       Our friend Josh spent Christmas day with us and my kids LOVE Him!

After, the hurricane of Christmas day and the house looked like a bomb went off we packed up and went to Indiana on Sunday to do Christmas with Mike's fam.

                                          This picture totally looks how I felt by then! ha!

        Papaw setting up the race track with Nolan, what a blessed little boy to have a Papaw like that!

We had SO much fun visiting with family and friends and we are spoiled beyond the norm for sure! We are SO grateful to have so many people that love us and support us!
 I know this was a SUPER long post, but tomorrow I have a little girl that deserves a whole post of her own!;) Hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your loved ones!

Much love~ lauren