Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Weekend

This weekend Mike's parents took the kids off our hands so that we could finish our Christmas shopping! Yes! They are amazing people, I cant say enough good things about them and how they love us and our munchkins! We are SO blessed to have them as parents! So, the kids got to be spoiled by Mamaw and Papaw while "Santa" drained our bank account! ;) Good news is we found everything we "needed" to get and more... So, Mike and I had fun hanging out together as we once did before our "Little" people invaded our lives, we felt like a regular married couple! ha! All kidding aside..any alone time is much appreciated, but we miss those messy,yelling, hitting, kissing, adorable munchkins when they are gone!:)
Aside from shopping we got to spend some time with friends! Christa and Josh invited us over for dinner and games and boy did we have fun! We played  a game called " Mad Gabs" and we played guys against gals, It's a really fun and funny game to play with a group of friends! I am SO grateful for ALL of our wonderful friends! We are truly blessed in that area of our lives and oh how it brings joy to my soul, thank you Lord!;)

The crazy driver on our shopping mission

Target.. always busy..we had to park at the back of the lot, at least we got our exercise!

Friends..Christa, Carey (my sister), Holly, and me

Getting ready to start our game of Mad Gabs!

The Munchkins coloring on the floor

What a nice weekend! Now we are snowed in and hoping for a snow day from school tomorrow!
Hope you all had a wonderful break from work and school this weekend!
Much Love~ Lauren