Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Parrttyy and LaRosa's pizza

 Here's a look at the girls "joint" family party! My parents and Mike's parents live about 45 minutes from each other so we decided to have one party for both girls and get the whole family together! It was loud, crazzyy and fun!

    Pin the tail on the donkey!

 Uncle Dave and Peyton
 Daddy and one of the birthday girls!
 Papaw(mike's dad) with some of the cousins! They all squeezed in for the shot! LOVE THEM!!

ooohhh Cami got some earrings...she is getting her ears pierced for her real b-day on the 31st!

On Peyton's real birthday (monday) we took her, the family, and her best bud Avery to a Cincinnati favorite... LaRosa's Pizza! Peyton has a weird thing for pepperonis, so in turn she LOVES pepperoni pizza! ha! It was her pick for her b-day dinner so off we went..

 Peyton got some play makeup so the girls got themselves all made up to get pizza! ;)

 Peyton got a birthday phone call in the middle of dinner from Aunt Ash..she looks very serious doesn't she??! ha!
 Silly Nolan NEVER wants his picture taken. We were trying to trick him into looking at the camera at the right time..he thinks he is sneaky..look at that smile.:)
 Peyton with her presents from mom and dad.

The whole weekend was fun with all of the celebrating, I am just blown away that she is already 6! I have to remind myself of the old saying..."Sometimes the days goes by SO slow...but the years go by SO fast!"  it's SO true..very true. Enjoy your munchkins while you can! I think we all need that reminder when they are fighting, hitting, talking back, and getting all the attitude! They are only ours for a short short time...

Much love~Lauren