Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

 The ginger bread house is complete! Nolan's first question was of course..when can we eat it? ha! My kids LOVE candy or anything sweet! I told him it would have to wait till after Christmas and i think he will be surprised as to how much he doesn't want to eat it then, YUCK! I don't doubt he will try it though! ha!
                         The grand masterpiece created by my favorite chubby little hands

On to other things we have been doing..  We decorated the tree and it actually looks decent thanks to my man Mike! He is the man at decorating the tree and making it look good. ;) The past couple of years we have not put decorations on the tree because of three little people who like to redecorated it everyday! It was exhausting  rearranging the ornaments and finding the ones that had rolled their way under the couch! But, this year we felt we would give it a go and see if  the majority would stay put in the tree and so far so good! Here's a look at our beauty!
So we are all ready for Christmas around here and we are almost done with our shopping!We always have those last minute gifts to get the week of, but I think it's fun to get out with all the crazies at the mall ! ha!
Today Peyton got to pass on afternoon kindergarten for a special treat to the movies with friends that are living in the country of Hungary, but are here visiting. She was so excited about going and this was their only chance to go see Tangled together. Little brother Nolan got to tag along as well, but Cameron was homebound with me. I thought Cam would cry when the kids left but she didn't! I told her we could watch Monster's Inc which is her very favorite movie right now and she was fine with that! So, she got a snack and watched the movie before nap time! I loved having her all to myself for a little while...she is such a sweetie! That's what's going on around these parts today (insert hillbilly accent). ha!

Much love~ lauren