Monday, December 6, 2010

Jumpin' on the band wagon

    Time seems to be flying by..Peyton is about to be 6, Cameron is turning 3, that makes Nolan 4 1/2! Heavens to betsy where does the time go??? So, I have "jumped on the band wagon" of blogging to document the years, days and minutes that seem to be passing in a blur! Maybe this will help you family folks to feel closer to our everyday CRAZINESS that we call our life... Welcome to the Everyday Allen's!;)

Here are some of the things my "Littles" have been up to:)
                                                                  Peyton and Cameron
getting ready to decorate the gingerbread house, Nolan being a bit stubborn and not                      wanting to smile..wonder who he gets that from?? ;)
                                                    Daddy helping organize the candy
                                                                It's lookin' good

We are getting ready for Christmas and the girls birthdays..Peyton is December 20th and Cameron's is the 31st! This time of year is really nutty for us, but we always give the glory and honor to our God for sending his only son to this earth as a little babe to save us all ( John 3:16)!! We have SO much to celebrate and be thankful for this time of year.. so don't let the real reason to celebrate be drowned out by the craziness of what we call Christmas! Happy December friends!
Much love~Lauren